January 24th Update: Flu Armour only offers products that meet CDC infection control guidelines for pandemic viruses, including the coronavirus. • All products displayed are currently in stock. Inventory may become limited.

Large Group Supply of Flu Armour
Large Group Supply of Flu Armour

Large Group Supply of Flu Armour

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Proactive and realistic preparedness for the home & workplace. Includes vital flu supplies integrated into a cohesive unit.

The Large Group Supply is twenty-five (25) PEDS units.

Flu Armour's PEDS is an acronym for the "Pandemic Emergency Defense System". Each PEDS supply provides the simple go-to supplies to keep people protected from the flu virus in any seasonal or pandemic flu environment. 

PEDS was built on a simple five part system designed to meet CDC guidelines for infection control in pandemic and seasonal flu viruses.

  • BREATH Using a respirator, fIlter out pathogens from entering the respiratory system using a respirator.
  • TOUCH Using disposable gloves, maintain a tactile protective layer between your hands and potentially pathogen-contaminated surfaces using gloves.
  • SHIELD Using goggles, maintain a layer between the mucous membranes of your eyes and airborne droplets projected from ill persons in your environment. Goggles also prevent accidentally touching one's eyes.
  • SCRUB Using disinfectant cloths, disinfect potentially contaminated surfaces where some pathogens can survive for up to 72 hours. 
  • CLEANSE Using hospital-grade hand wipes, always keep hands sanitized in any potential hazardous environment. Should always be done when taking off gloves.


  • First line of defense in a pandemic or other bio-emergency
  • Broad Cross-Section of Personal Protective and Sanitary Equipment. 
  • Comprehensive approach intended to reduce risk of viral transmission via respiratory system, hands, mucous membranes of the eyes and surfaces. 
  • Also for TB, SARS, MRSA, Smallpox, and Anthrax
  • Satisfies or exceeds the strictest applicable government and healthcare standards (e.g. FDA, NIOSH, EPA, ASTM, ANSI, OSHA).
  • Proven products currently in use by the medical community to control infectious disease.
  • Discreetly packed in 10"x10"x10" box for ease of travel and safekeeping in emergency settings.
  • Each unit 5.5 lbs.
  • Store at room temperature. Avoid extreme heat or cold. 
  • Components arrive in original package with instructions. 
  • For Household and Workplace use. 
  • See product image for contents of the Group Supply.

Each unit is for no more than one person. The Large Group Supply has twenty-five (25) units.