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Respirator Fit Test Kit

Respirator Fit Test Kit

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Offers qualitative OSHA-compliant fit testing for respirators (including N95 and P95 rated). This easy-to-use kit is designed to ensure that masks are fitted and adjusted correctly by indicating any break in the mask's seal.

Includes One (1) Fit Test Hood, One (1) Bottle Fit Test Solution, One (1) Bottle Bitrex Sensitivity Solution, One (1) Fit Test Nebulizer, One (1) Sensitivity Nebulizer, Two (2) Sets Replacement Nebulizer Inserts, and a complete and comprehensive set of step-by-step instructions. Masks not included in kit, sold separately.

Good for approximately 100 uses. Product is made to order for maximum shelf life of solution. Usually ships same day, however allow additional 5 business days to ship. Shipping additional.

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