January 24th Update: Flu Armour only offers products that meet CDC infection control guidelines for pandemic viruses, including the coronavirus. • All products displayed are currently in stock. Inventory may become limited.

SHIELD · Protective Goggle

SHIELD · Protective Goggle

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  • Shields eye mucous membranes from viral influenza pathogens 
  • Reputed for its functionality, clarity, and durability 
  • Comfortable for extensive usage
  • Indirectly Vented
  • Latex-Free 
  • Individually Wrapped Goggle
  • Universal Size fits over most prescription glasses
  • A component of PEDS and also Sold Separately.
  • Meet ANSI Z87.1 and CAN / CSA-Z94

Viral transmission can occur from a sneeze, cough, rubbing one's eyes, or a close conversation . Accordingly, the Center for Disease Control stresses the steadfast use of protective goggles in a pandemic environment. Flu Armour Protective Goggles shield the ocular (eye) mucous membranes from direct exposure to viral influenza pathogens and prevent unintentional hand-to-eye contact.

One (1) Individually Wrapped Protective Goggle