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Flu Armour’s Group Discount Program is a free service offered to groups looking to encourage their employees or members to prepare for a flu pandemic. Follow the steps below and Flu Armour will send you a special discount code within one business day. Your employees or members can use this discount code to purchase independently on our user-friendly e-commerce site.

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Within one business day, Flu Armour will e-mail you a discount code specifically for your group.
  3. Communicate the discount code and details to group.
  4. Employees or members purchase on their own directly from FluArmour.com with the assigned special percentage discount, entered during checkout.

It's that simple and absolutely free. No purchase required.

Discount codes may be used by group members and their families.
Also appropriate for departmental purchasing.
The percentage discount will be provided upon group approval.

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Email info@fluarmour.com or call 1-888-FLU-9654 (1-888-358-9654) with any questions.


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DISCLAIMER : Flu Armour materials, when used properly, may be effective against viral pathogens commonly associated with influenza. No personal protective gear can guarantee 100% effectiveness. Any use of Flu Armour materials can increase the likelihood of damage to the materials and may endanger subsequent use. Usage of Flu Armour materials will vary with the individual's location, situation and personal circumstance. Flu Armour, when used properly, may help reduce the risk of contracting influenza; however, it cannot eliminate the risk of contraction. For maximum benefit, users must follow the manufacturer's instructions enclosed with Flu Armour's products.

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